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Michael Becker was named Principal Trombone of the Tucson Symphony in 2000.  He has performed in orchestras across the U.S. and world including the Chicago Symphony, London Symphony, Detroit Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, Lyric Opera of Chicago, The World Orchestra with Sir Georg Solti in Geneva, Switzerland and Baden Baden, Germany, the Honolulu Symphony and the Savannah Symphony.  His summer festival work includes performing with the Grand Teton Music Festival, Grant Park Symphony Orchestra, Ravinia Festival and Arizona Opera's Wagner Ring Cycle.  His bachelor degree in music performance was earned at Indiana University.


Why did you choose your instrument? I wanted to play the drums, but my father wouldn't have it, so I picked the trombone and started playing along with my parents' jazz albums.  That was fun!

What makes your instrument special? To me, the trombone is like the human voice, and it can play soooo smooth - probably because of the slide.  The slide is what makes the trombone different from the other brass instruments because they all use valves to change notes.

Guilty musical secret: I really want to be a great singer.

What would your career be if you hadn't chosen to be a musician? Well, first of all, I didn't choose to be a musician, it chose me!  But, I would probably want to do something artistic like be an actor or photographer.

Hobbies: Tennis, and more tennis.  Also, hiking and being outdoors in the mountains.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois.

Interesting personal fact: I used to swim 5 miles a day when I was 13.